Wadi Rum offers great hiking and trekking opportunities on its sandstone rocks and hills, be it a walk in the soft sand or a climb to the top of a mountain.

We offer a hiking and scrambling tours of any length. Each of our routes provide breathtaking views of the desert landscapes and some of the trails have been used by the Bedouins for many generations.

You may explore the desert on foot for just a couple of hours or up to several days, with spending the night in the desert. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide will take care of your safety. Popular places of hiking and climbing in Wadi Rum are the Burdah Bridge, a large natural rock arch, and Jebel Um Adaami, the highest point in Jordan, with spectacular views of Wadi Rum and towards Saudi Arabia.

Family activities

Wadi Rum is fun for families with children of all ages! We have many activities for children such as jeep tour, camel tour, hiking and of course, sleeping in our special bedouin camp. Children will enjoy sand boarding in the red dunes and easy climbing up to the arches.

We can also arrange easy hiking in the sand from half an hour to one hour. Next to our camp, they can climb up small hills to watch sunset and play together. Don’t worry about sleeping in our camp during summer or winter! We have private family tent for both children and parents.

Our tents have beds above ground and comfortable blankets. Children can sleep with their parents in one big tent. During winter, we make fire in our bedouin tent where we sit and enjoy our dinner in the evenings together. We offer special discount for children (who share their parents’ tent) in all our tours.

Under 11 years : 25% off adult’s price;
Under 6 years old : 50% off;
Under 3 years old: free of charge