How can I make a reservation?

If you want to book, please use the BOOK form, or send me an email. You may use the form for more general enquiries as well. Booking is also possible by phone.

Once you have made your booking, a confirmation email will be sent with all agreed booking details, programs, prices, arrival/departure dates. If you are booking last minute before the date of your trip, please send an enquiry first, we need to arrange your transfer as the location of the camp is not accessible at any time like a city hotel with a reception.


If you are coming by car or bus, we will pick you up at the parking area of the Wadi Rum Visitor Center. About the way, drive on the desert highway, and turn at the junction to the direction of Wadi Rum. Drive on about 15 km and follow the sign to the right to the Visitor Center. Don't go into Rum Village, because the Visitor Center is before the village.

Either my son Nail or Salem or myself will be waiting there to meet you. Please make sure you have met one of us, because it is common that someone from another camp claims that he is from Obeid’s Bedouin Life Camp, or he is my cousin, and takes the guests to another camp.

You can leave your car safely in the parking of the Visitor Center for free.

As my camp is in the Protected Area within a short drive from the Visitor Center, I request my guests to send an sms or WhatsApp message to me (+962 795 840 672) when they start for Wadi Rum from Petra or Aqaba, and write me the color and brand of their car, because that helps to recognize each other.


No deposit is needed to secure your booking and there is no charge for cancellation.

You will pay at the end of your trip, before you leave. We can accept cash payment in JOD (Jordanian Dinar) USD or EUR. We also accept credit card payment . Please note that there are no ATMs in Wadi Rum, the nearest ATM is in Aqaba or in Petra.


We also cater for vegetarians or vegans. Please let us know your diet on booking.


Breakfast is a traditional Arabic meze, containing zaatar, hummus, eggs, or cheese (a mixture of herbs and sesame, eated with bread dipped in olive oil), and we also serve bread, jam, with coffee and Bedouin tea.


Lunch is usually a simple Bedouin salad with tinned fish (tuna), or a light cooked vegetarian meal. Served with bread and Bedouin tea.


Dinner is always a traditional Bedouin dish, usually zarb, the traditional Bedouin barbecue grilled in an underground oven under the sand. It is served with rice, potatoes, salads and bread. Water and soft drinks are also provided, along with Bedouin tea.